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General Information for Garage Doors and Operators

Thank you for choosing Doors By Russ for your garage door and operator needs. We have included general maintenance guidelines to help keep your door and/or operator running efficiently. Garage doors, just like cars, need regular care to run properly. Your garage door and/or operator has a 1-year service warranty. We are always happy to help, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. It is recommended to have your door(s) adjusted once a year. 

Garage doors need to be lubricated every six months to once a year. The best lubricate would be a lithium based lubricate. Many hardware stores carry “garage door lubricant.” We do carry one that is $10.00 a can. Lubricate the rollers, hinges, and springs. See diagram below:

You want to use a little lubricant, then run the door before adding more so it does not drip on the door.

Weatherseal Information

Clipped corner openings or arched openings – The weatherseal may get caught on the door when opening/closing. It may tear easier and depending on the angles it may not have a flush seal. Our technicians will get as tight of a seal as possible, without preventing the door from opening/closing correctly. 

Bottom Seal on Garage Doors – The bottom seal is on the door to protect the bottom of the door and seal the door to the ground as best as it can. The door must be level in the opening to run correctly. At times the opening or the concrete is not level or square, there may be a gap at the bottom. 

There is no guarantee that water will not get under the door, especially during storms and severe rain. 

Rodents can chew through the weatherseal and bottom seal. There are options to deter this from happening. You can put steel wool in the bottom seal. People have said that Irish Spring soap is a deterrent and can be put in the garage by the opening. If the critters want to get in, they will most likely find a way in.   

Winter Weather Issues – To prevent door from sticking to ground, ice, water needs to be cleared away from the door. It is recommended to put salt under the door on the ground to keep door from sticking to ground. If the door is stuck to the ground, do not try to force it open. This can cause the seal to rip and possibly damage the door. Try to knock or break away ice. Some customers have had success with using warm water and then sweeping the water and ice from under the door once it opens. 


Troubleshooting Guidelines

Below are common issues that come up with garage doors. Doors by Russ always wants homeowners to be safe when dealing with a garage door/opener. It is never recommended that a homeowner attempt to fix a broken spring or cable, as these can be dangerous. 

Garage door opens a couple feet and closes back down, does not open at all, you hear a loud bang noise:

  • Spring may be broken. Look above the door. There will be a gap in the black coil   

CALL FOR SERVICE. It is not recommended that you try to lift the door on your own, as it is extremely heavy. If you run your opener with a broken spring, it can put additional strain on the operator and wear out the gears. Cables may have come off the drums also.

Door is on angle in opening. Door opens on angle But does not open all the way.

  • Cable is broken or off.


Door is reversing when closing 

If you door is reversing, check to see if the lights are flashing on the operator or you hear clicking after the door has reversed. If the lights flash after the door goes up or you hear clicking, check the photo sensors at the bottom of the track on either side. They each should have a bright light, one is amber and one is green. If the light is flashing, move the photo sensor slowly until it turns solid, then tighten the wing nut on the bracket. If the light is not flashing, wipe off the lens with a soft dry cloth, make sure nothing is sitting by or in front of the photo sensor. If the door still reverses after doing this, call Doors By Russ for a service call.

Garage door opens/closes with wall pad inside the garage but not with remotes. 

  • Remotes may be “locked out”. Check wallpad. If the light on the wallpad is blinking, press the lock button and this will turn the lock off. 
  • If the wallpad has a digital read out, it will say that the lock in engaged,  press the button under the work menu (far left) and follow prompts to turn lock off. 
  • Battery could also be dead in remote. Remotes typically take a 2032 Battery. 

Remotes only work when pressed multiple times or when very close to door. 

  • Check if there are LED light bulbs in garage door opener or in the sconces outside the garage door. LED can cause interference between the operator and the remotes/keyless entry. Take the light bulbs out and see if the remotes/keyless work. Below is a list of bulbs from Liftmaster that have been found to not cause interference.   
  • The antenna wire may need to be extended out. 
  • Battery may be running low, replace battery with 2032 battery 

Remote has stopped working, light on remote is not lighting up.

  • Battery needs to be changed in the remote. Most remotes take a 2032 battery. If remote needs to be reprogrammed follow directions in manual.
  • There may be a issue with the circuit board in the opener. Call for service.

Keyless Entry does not work.

  • If keyless is not lighting up behind the numbers when pushed, change battery – 9Volt
  • If keyless is lighting up, check that there is not a button stuck down. Wait a couple minutes and retry code. If still not working, the code may need to be changed to a new 4 digit number that does not include any number from previous code (ex. 1234 change to 5678) If this does not work, keyless may need to be replaced.

Garage door opens slightly and stops. Spring and cables are intact.

  • Push wallpad to close door. Check to see if there is a slide lock on the garage door that has been engaged (slid into the track). Disengage lock.

If garage door operator is not working, and the spring(s) and cables are intact, you can manually release the door and attempt to open manually. 

Manual Release for Trolley Garage Door Opener (opener with rail) – BE SURE NOTHING IS IN THE OPENING OF THE GARAGE. 

Manual Release for Jackshaft Operator (side mount by door) – BE SURE NOTHING IS IN THE OPENING OF THE GARAGE

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